An Old Verse on Dreams

As a child, I often had vivid dreams and terrifying nightmares. I still do. In grade school, we were asked to submit poems to a poetry contest. I knew immediately that I wanted to write about my dreams, and I still remember the poem, all these years later. Sometimes it comes to mind randomly, and…

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Poem to Self

I had a great awakening. A brilliant, splendid, lovely idea, and it explained everything. It could have changed everything. But I failed to write it down, to commit it to memory, and repeat it every day. And so it changed nothing.

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Form and Substance

Form. / Substance. The visible bits. / The truth. The outward structure. / The inner purpose. What we call it, when asked to name it. / What we realize it means, when asked to give it up. Our personas, identities, titles, and achievements. / Our fears, dreams, psychoses, anxieties, and desires. Our Instagram, TikTok, Facebook…

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